Lara in Green Ocean Waves LOLLToday completes a whole month of swimming at least 1km a day, when I say a whole month I mean a complete calendar month – March.  In actuality it is my 37th day of consecutive swimming 1km a day.

There has been A LOT of rain in Sydney over the last 24 hours and the NSW environment beachwatch said there was a sewage leak at Cremorne (yuk) and not to swim in the harbour around Mosman today.  I would usually go to Manly instead, but the warning there was polution due to rain, I wouldn’t normally let this stop me, but I have yukky cold and don’t need to get anything else, so played it safe and went to the swimming pool.

Pro’s of Swimming Pool Swimming

  1. No sharks, well usually although a baby one was found in the ocean pool at Palm beach this week – washed in by the tide!
  2. Lights, so you can swim even when it is dark
  3. Distance – this pool was 50m but whatever it is you know exactly how far you are swimming, and don’t need a special watch to measure it
  4. No polution, well that is there is usually so much chlorine that it kills anything in there, but you still get the odd band aid flowing about 🙁
  5. Lanes, personally I am rather a wiggly swimmer, apparently I go right, blinkers and other devices have been suggested, but not as yet tried….  The lanes do keep you swimming straighter as you can follow the black line on the bottom
  6. Less waves, I won’t say no waves, as who knows who is in the lane next to you, but definitely less
  7. Water temperature is a consistent temperature all year round

slow lane swimming poolCon’s of Swimming in a Swimming Pool

  1. Less buoyancy, the salt water definitely gives you a lift and makes it easier to float with no effort
  2. Chlorine.  Do I need to say more?  I don’t think I know of anyone who LOVEs chlorine
  3. People wee in it!  Yes, people also wee in the ocean, but at least the water is moving all the time.  In a pool it has more or less no where to go
  4. Nothing to look at, well I am not counting the black line on the bottom (or the floating bits of I don’t know what).  The ocean has fish, seaweed, rocks, sharks and more…
  5. Pool length limits you, you either have to stop or tumble turn, whereas in the ocean you can “just keep swimming” and if you want to turn around you just swim in a loop, no stopping required
  6. Proximity of people.  I am used to the ocean where I am usually at least 10-20 meters from the nearest swimmer, not 50cm
  7. It gets busy, yes the ocean does as well, but never (unless you are in a race) to the extent that the pool does with a lane of 6+ people

You might have guessed that a swimming pool is not my chosen place to swim.  Today was the first time in 7 weeks that I have swum in a pool and how can I say this… erm it was boring.  I’d get into a rhythm only to be about 5m from the end of the pool and have to stop and turn around.  Plus I missed the waves and the salt water.

If I do have to swim in a swimming pool then I would definitely pick a salt water one like the North Sydney pool where I went today, which is 50m and also outdoor, so at least you get some fresh air.


Ps if you haven’t seen the photo I wore the Green Ocean Waves LOLL today, it is my favourite at the moment….

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2 thoughts on “Swimming Pool versa Ocean – Pros and Cons

  1. Kylie Embury says:

    I’m the opposite, I prefer the pool but I agree with all you’ve said – especially the waves! I often get a guy doing butterfly who swamps me, and here in Launceston we sometimes get whitecaps on the outdoor pool! PLUS, the ocean temp down here in Tassie is a little cool ?

    • Lara says:

      Hi Kylie, Thanks for the comment, having swum on the East Coast of Tassie in Bicheno I know that the ocean temp is much cooler down with you. I might not be such an ocean fan if I lived down there! Love to hear about your swimming 🙂 Lara

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