The ocean pool where the Sydney Octopus was swimmingYou may have realised by now if you are an avid reader of my blog that I am a BIG fan of swimming in the ocean vs a pool.  Now I m not trying to twist your arm into trying it, but there are SO many benefits!

Today I swam in the ocean pool on Mona Vale beach as the ocean was far too rough for me, here you can see the pool with waves crashing into it.

The ocean pool at Mona Vale beach is not flat concrete on the bottom, there are sea snails, sand, seaweed, holes, rock and even a few dead crabs.  It makes swimming so much more fun than just being in a regular pool is a flat bottom.  There is one corner where all the tiny fish hide, but they are very nervous and quickly swim away when you swim up, it’s rather funny.

Sydney Octopus in the ocean poolToday on my swim round the pool I saw an octopus – I literally swim around the outside as it means no stopping and it’s more interesting since the sea life is usually around the edge.  It was HUGE, about 60cm in diameter, and it wasn’t even stretching out its tentacles!

Having looked it up it is a Sydney Octopus or Octopus tetricus.  These guys aren’t dangerous, they eat small fish and sea life.  I pointed out the Sydney Octopus to another swimmer, who said that she couldn’t see as she didn’t have her goggles on, but the Sydney Octopus was so big that she didn’t need to put her head under the water, he was just sitting next to her feet!

It’s always so interesting seeing fish and octopi when I am swimming about, it gives me a focus, I look out for what is down there.  Today I kept doing more laps just to see if I could see him again – after 4 laps he had gone, maybe under a rock (the floor of the pool is very uneven) or out back into the ocean.

When you swim what do you focus on?  Do you find that the pool doesn’t entertain you as much?  I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments.


Ps Today was a Black LOLL day, the sun was shining and it was lovely to snuggle up in it after my swim

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