Temperature in AustraliaSydney summer is on its way and looks like it is going to be a scorcher.  With 2017 being Australia’s hottest winter on record where maximum temperatures were up 2 degrees on average get ready for summer peeps!

This chart here shows the chance of it being warmer than the average temperature for the area and time of year…  Watch out Tassie it is going to be hotter than you are used to down there!

Sydney Summer temperaturesAccording to the Bureau of Meteorology, in Sydney the period from October to December, which includes the start of the Sydney summer, has 64% chance of being warmer than the average temperature of 23.9 degrees.

With a temperature in Sydney tomorrow of 33 degrees I’d say that maybe the bureau is being slightly on the cautious side….



Sydney ocean tempI will mention here that just because the air temp is HOT it doesn’t mean that the ocean temperature is.  Here is the average ocean water temperature per month for Sydney, for September, is 18.5 degrees with the highest ever temp of 19.9 degrees.

If you are thinking of going to the beach tomorrow to enjoy 33 degrees be aware that going into the ocean (if you aren’t used to the cold water) may be an EXPERIENCE that produces a lot of squealing!  I know that last week when it got to 28 degrees people were going in and screaming because the temperature was much lower than they expected.

When the Sydney summer arrives in December the ocean temperature will rise to an average of 21.9 degrees, so then we will be able to enjoy the warm water.  Ocean swimming from December onwards becomes a fantastic experience and my favourite part of Sydney summer, rather than the chilly experience it is right now!

Having said all that I am off to brave a swim without a wetsuit and will enjoy the sunshine that spring has to offer before everyone starts complaining that it is too hot!


P.S. I should now mention that it’s a great time to buy a LOLL towel! #justsayin

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