positioning the towel modelsOn a very sunny day in February we hit the beach with three fabulous towel models to get shots of the latest LOLL towel – Green Ocean Waves.

Our photographer Monique spent 4 hours taking shots of the LOLLs, the LOLL towel models, zips, water, sand and more.  Here are a few photos I took behind the scenes.

The day was all about getting the LOLL towels seen in a few different situations with our lovely towel models in a range of sizes – because LOLLs are for Towel models pose in front of North Steyne surf clubeveryone 🙂

We started in front of North Steyne Surf Club to capture the yellow of the surf club walls against the green and white of the Green Ocean Waves LOLL.  This got hot very quickly and within 45 minutes our towel models looked like they were going to melt!

The towel models show us their legsThe shoot moved up to the grassed area with some shade, where we made the models walk backwards and forwards a few times – there is a real art to walking you know 🙂

It was then about creating that we have been on a picnic with our LOLL and are using it as a picnic blanket or towel for sunbaking – hence why in this shot Monique just took photos of their legs on the LOLLs to make the photos look a bit more interesting.

From there we headed back down to the beach for some fun in the water, Jumping waves in a LOLL towelhowever Monique got caught in the water with her shoes on – oops!  We were trying to get some fun playfun shots here, which is challenging when the towel models don’t know each other beforehand.

side zips on a LOLL towelI also wanted to focus in on the zippers and that every LOLL has them, this required quite a few shots to get it right, luckily it turned out that one of the towel models used to be a hand model so came in very handy!!!!

We were so lucky to have such a glorious sunny day for the shoot, the last photoshoot was in practically gale force winds which made it very difficult to get some shots as hair was flying everywhere.

all set for the towel modelsFinally the shoot is over, after three hours of posing and smiling our beautiful models can go home with a new LOLL
towel to wear on their next trip to the beach.

The next photoshoot will be in April 2017 for another new design that is arriving, if you would like to get involved get in touch and we will send you details.


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