zipping up your LOLLA towel with a zip?  What the? why does a LOLL come with a zip down each side?  Well so that the zips can be unzipped all the way and the towel opens up so you can lay it out on the ground to lie on.  The zips turn your towel into a wearable towel and vice versa.

The zips are made from plastic so that they aren’t going to rust with the water or sea air, and they will last.

You have the option of both sides zipped up, just one side or no zips when you are wearing your LOLL, it just depends on the look you are going for as well as what else you are doing!  That is the benefit of a towel with a zip.

side zipperIf you look at the children’s beach poncho’s out there they are either sewn up the sides or not, I wanted to have the best of both worlds for more flexibility, plus if you come out of the water and get cold the last thing you want is open sides!   Or if you are wandering around the supermarket after a swim you don’t want to flash your semi naked body at everyone.

Each LOLL towel has the zips matching the colour of the main fabric so that they blend in, after all you need to look good in your LOLL!

The other reason zips work are if you are not as svelte as you’d like zipped up sides can hide a multitude of sins, like too much ice-cream….  Another use for the funky LOLL towel with a zip is to change under it without flashing the crowd,  or even hide a small child under there.  You can even be naked under your LOLL and no one is going to know….  I won’t tell if you won’t 🙂


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