UK heatwave 2017The UK heatwave this month has everyone hot and bothered.  The BBC weather predicts more of the same this week, so for all the UK LOLL readers out there here are some tips to keep your cool as the temperature rises.

Here in Sydney, we have temperatures up to 45 degrees in summer, depending on where you are, so we are experts at keeping cool!

Keeping Cool in the UK Heatwave

  • Keep curtains drawn and windows closed at home.  This might seem odd as you want to open the windows and let the breeze in, but when the temperatures are hot so is the breeze.  Keep the blinds/curtains drawn while you are at work or during the day and you will come home to a cool house
  • UK heatwave results in more peeps at the beachIf you are near the ocean take a dip.  The ocean temperatures are between 11 (in Aberdeen) and 16 (in Cornwall) degrees at the moment, so that will DEFINITELY cool you off!  If not freeze you in 11 degree water!
  • Drink LOTs of water, more than usual as you will be sweating out a lot
  • Hang out at the mall, or somewhere else that has air conditioning
  • Put ice packs on your body, forehead and neck will cool you instantly – wrap them in a towel first
  • Don’t exercise in the midday sun, best time to exercise if you do it outdoors is early in the morning or later in the evening when it has cooled down
  • Use a fan, this could be a pedestal fan or desk fan – it does help circulate the air, and even at 35 degrees I think it makes a difference.  Some people say you are just moving hot air around, and it makes no difference but I find it is great at night for sleeping
  • Wear cotton or natural fibre clothes as they will keep you cooler than synthetics
  • Wear light coloured clothes when you are outside, as black clothes absorb the heat and make you feel hotter
  • Freeze bottles of water, take the bottle out of the freezer when you need drinking water so that you have cold water to drink
  • Make sandwiches for work with frozen bread (sliced is best), these will defrost through the day and at lunchtime you will have cool sandwiches!
  • Keep cool treats in the freezer such as frozen fruit, I love frozen grapes and sliced strawberries.  You can buy them pre-sliced and frozen and they are much less calorific than an ice lolly or ice cream
  • Stay in the shade during the hottest part of the day to avoid the UK heatwave – usually between 11am and 3pm

Finally, if you are at the beach or outdoor pool remember to put sunscreen on every 2 hours, and not stay out too long – your LOLL poncho towel is a great way to cover up and protect you from getting burnt!


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