Summer at Walberswick beachWalberswick beach in Suffolk was one of the places I visited in the UK recently.  I felt that I had to swim in the ocean even though it is the North Sea and not exactly known for it’s warmth!

Here I am coming out of the waves….

It was rather a grey day when we went, most people go to Walberswick for the crabbing… crabbing it like it sounds catching crabs.  You put a bit of bacon onto a line and dangle it off the bridge over a little channel and try to catch crabs.  Caught crabs stay in a bucket until it’s time to go home when they are put back into the river.  Needless to say these crabs are used to being caught!

Anyway, the rest of my family went crabbing at the river near Walberswick beach while I had a swim in this really inviting looking North Sea….

The water was as it looks in the photo brown and murky, there was nothing to see except brown water.  The waves were pretty rough and the current was pulling towards the sea wall (on the left in the photo) so I didn’t stay in for long or swim far.

The North Sea was FAR warmer than the outside air temperature and once I was in it was fine, nothing like Sydney though (obviously!).

As I came out of the water after 10 minutes or so I had green slime on my face – awesome!  Swimming in the North Sea was not my favourite experience even in the height of summer (August).

We did, however, play in the waves for another 30 minutes, but hardy as I like to think I am becoming it was cold.  The one thing that both Walberswick beach and Southwold (neighbouring beach) have going for them are the lovely sand dunes, complete with grasses, so if it is really windy you can hide in one of those.  Plus of course if you don’t want to hang out at the beach or crab you can do some celebrity spotting….  With movie producer Paul Greengrass, Richard Curtis and more that is a much warmer and safer activity than swimming in the North Sea!


PS I wore my black LOLL on this trip, good thing as well then I couldn’t see the slime on the towel!!!! YUK

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