Why Do You Need to Wee when SwimmingIf you are regular or sometime swimmer you may have noticed that when you get into the pool or the ocean you need to wee!  Have you ever wondered why?  I have hence this blog post 🙂

Why Do You Need to Wee when Swimming?

First of all this feeling of needing a wee can happen if you are in a pool or the ocean.  It tends to be a regular occurrence in the ocean as the ocean temperature is a lot lower than our body temperature, and usually chillier than a swimming pool.

Here is the answer to Why Do You Need to Wee when Swimming – what your body goes through….

1. The cold water takes the heat of the blood vessels that lie near your skin’s surface
2. The blood vessels constrict, and therefore there is decreased flow of blood in the body’s extremities, such as fingers and toes in a bid to conserve body heat
3. This results in a quick increase in blood pressure
4. The body responds to this by compensating for the increased arterial blood pressure by relieving itself of water
5. The quickest and easiest way for your body to do this is to wee!

So there you go, it’s your body’s natural response to the cold water.  The same can also happen in a swimming pool, but usually, you don’t need to wee in the pool right there and then, it is after you get out that it hits and suddenly you are desperate!  (source Lone Swimmer)

But Should I Wee in the Ocean?

Why Do You Need to Wee when Swimming

We know why do you need to wee when swimming, but should you?  I am assuming that you don’t need to be told NOT to wee in the pool so let’s focus on the ocean.

There are some myths that say that weeing in the ocean attracks sharks – not true.

You are fine to wee in the ocean, HOWEVER not around coral reefs or freshwater or small bodies of water as the nitrogen in urea in wee basically combines with the ocean water to produce ammonium – a compound that acts as food for plant life.  In turn, there is increased algae growth from this “food” that effectively suffocates the coral (source: Business Insider)

Interesting isn’t it? Why do you need to wee when swimming?  Do you think it’s your bodies way of warming up?


Ps Today I’m wearing a Apperitivo before dinner LOLL!

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