Winegalss bay FrecinetLocation: Wineglass Bay, Freycinet National Park in Tasmania.  What’s unique about this beach is that you can only get to it by walking/hiking in (it’s about 2 hour round trip) or by boat, which means that you don’t get hordes of families with children 🙂
Size: Large, lots and lots of white sand, it is about a 20 minute walk from one end of the beach to the other
Type of beach: White sandy beach
Shade: The beach is surrounded by trees (the Freycinet National Park) so there is shade if you sit really close to the edges, but there is a lot of sand before the ocean 🙂
Water: Beautiful crystal clear blue water.  It is however on the East coast of Tasmania, which is the Tasman sea, not that warm even in summer….
Features: Beautiful views, very deserted due to the hike to get there.  It’s like beaches used to be, just a beach no shops, no cafes just wonderful sand, amazing views and crystal clear water.  Also due to how few people visit and that is it a national park the beach is very clean.
Lifeguards: No, the beach isn’t patrolled.
BYO drinks at Wineglass BayFacilities: None.  You need to carry in anything you might need, it is approximately 1-2 hours to walk to Wineglass Bay (depending on how often you stop for photos/rests, but about 40 minutes to the top and then another 30 or so down the other side).  You have to walk up the mountain and then down the other side, there is a signposted footpath path the whole way.

When I went I was eaten by mozzies on the walk down to the beach (from the top of the hill), so if you know you are delicious to mozzies I’d recommend wearing repellent.
Suitable for: Singles, walkers, adventurers.  If you have a boat this would be a great day out.


This is one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever been (no. 7 on CNN’s top 100 beaches) the view from the top of the mountain before you go in is amazing, then you walk down and the beach is just as amazing as I’d hoped (sometimes they look great from a distance but close up aren’t that great).  I think that you have to work to get there (because of the walk in and out) I felt like it was extra special, and that we made the effort made us feel special.  Definitely one I’d recommend going to if you are in Tasmania.

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